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You’ve reached the final breaking point, and may have questions about how to proceed. Whatever the reason you’ve chosen to move forward with legal separation or divorce, you will never regret having an advocate by your side throughout this process. Divorce can be a person’s most stressful time, having someone there to help navigate the process is critical. At Khosroabadi & Hill, we’ve chosen to take a primarily personalized approach to every client’s case. We refuse cookie-cutter treatment when handling sensitive family matters. Consultation and communication are key during this process, and we have

In California, the courts do not get involved with the reason for your divorce. The difficulty comes in the disclosure and documentation required in every case, no matter the length of the marriage, the assets at issue, or whether the divorce is contested or uncontested. Although some documents and procedures are required for every divorce, each case presents unique facts. Identifying these factors are at the forefront of our personalized strategy.

Steps Involved:

1. Initial Filing/Filing Fee

The petition and correlating initial documents are drafted and filed with the court, along with a $435 filing fee.

3. Declaration of Disclosures

Income Assets and Liabilities are detailed and described on the required forms.

5. Settlement is Attempted

The Court requires an attempt to settle either informally or at a mandatory settlement conference before proceeding to trial.

2. Service Of The Documents

After initial documents are filed, and a case number is established, copies of these documents must be served on the other party.

4. Filing Motions

While the divorce is pending, parties may choose to file motions for temporary child support, spousal support, custody or visitation.

6. Trial

If settlement is unsuccessful, the court sets a trial date for the judge to make final orders on all matters pending before the court.

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