Is Your Employer Following The Law?

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The law requires employers to pay you fair wages. Often times, Employers fail to pay their Employees according to the strict requirements of California law. Disputes regarding insufficient meal or break periods, unpaid overtime, failure to pay minimum wage or employees misclassified as contractors all fall within “wage and hour” disputes. Our attorneys represent employees who have not been paid their fair wages.

You may have a case if your employer has done any of the following;

  • Misclassified you as an “exempt” employee when you should have been “non-exempt” and paid you a salary when they should have paid you by the hour
  • Failed to pay you overtime
  • Failed to pay you for all the hours you worked
  • Failed to provide you with a pay stub or wage statement with all of the required information
  • Paid you less than minimum wage
  • Failed to reimburse you for work related expenses
  • Failed to pay you for all hours worked upon your termination or layoff
  • Required you to perform job duties during your meal or rest break inhibiting you from taking an uninterrupted 30-minute meal break or any of your 10-minute rest breaks

Our office handles actions on behalf of employees who have not been paid required overtime, denied meal breaks, denied rest breaks, not paid minimum wage, etc. If you feel you are not being paid your fair wages call our office for a free consultation.

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