Medical Debt Piling Up?

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Can a Lawyer Help Me With My Medical Bills?

When you can’t pay your medical bills and your debt has reached an advanced stage, the debt owner may sue you. This is the most serious form of medical debt and any lawsuit like this requires your undivided attention. The worst thing you can do is ignore your problems. The best thing you can do when you receive notice that you’re being sued for your unpaid medical bills is to take action immediately.

Do You Know Your Rights?

Just because you’re sued for unpaid medical bills does not mean that you owe the amount alleged. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your medical debt, it’s possible to fight the lawsuit and avoid having to pay. Know what your rights and options are when it comes to debt collection so that you aren’t taken advantage of.

Medical Collection Lawsuits:

Have you ever been able to figure out your medical bill? If so, you are among the very few and you are probably wrong. There is nothing wrong with insisting a medical provider properly establish what is due. Why are you charged a different fee than everyone else? Were you told what the fee was going to be? Were you shocked at the charges?

SKB Law will aggressively assert all defenses available to you. We will also assert all consumer protection laws such as collection harassment violations.

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